About Us


Fortress Construction Incorporated

Our Clients' Trust       

At Fortress, we value the Trust that our Clients and Business Associates place in us.  We apply the highest 

Standards to every aspect of our Business. We provide clear, consistent and reliable project communication 

via regular Project Meetings and Budget Review.  Fortress Construction ensures regular review of budget items, 

designs, scheduling, finishes, etc.  Established start, completion and milestone dates propel the project 

seamlessly through the various Stages of Construction. 

Our References  

As documented, our references speak to the level of Dedication on which we approach each individual Project. 

Please take a moment to review our 'References' page.  Fortress Construction has built a reputation in Toronto 

in providing high-industry construction standards, in workmanship and customer satisfaction, through open 

communication, from beginning to end.

Our Ability   

Fortress Construction Incorporated has experienced steady growth over the last 10 years. Completing 

Renovations, Additions, Restoration of Century Homes' and Multi-Unit Residential Homes'.  

In Commercial work, some of our projects completed include Yoga Studio, Coffee Roasters and  a Medi-Spa.  

Our ability to complete a simple or complex project, within Client established budget and schedule expectations 

is our success, it's that simple.

The Best Approach      

Fortress' Construction Management Team has a thorough understanding of the sensitivities associated with 

each unique Project. We work with the Client(s), Designer, Architect, Engineer, Consultant, Inspector and the 

Trade-Team in attaining excellent co-operation, workmanship and value.  We have worked in many "live" 

Construction environments and are aware of the various intricacies involved.  Our commitment to excellence 

in construction performance is not to be taken lightly.

Our Reputation  

Fortress Construction provides a stress-free construction experience to our clients by executing high quality 

projects that are on-schedule, cost effective and within set budget;   A combination of our repeated clients, 

referrals/word of mouth, references and 10 years of business, is our indication of success as a reputable 

construction firm providing first-class Construction Management  in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Please contact us today to discuss your Construction Plans.

Call (416) 881-8951  or Email info@fortressforever.ca